“Fist pumping, body rocking, jumping, beach balls flying, crazy pandemonium,” Bobby Drake says. This is what you can expect at a live performance by the Beat Geeks, the crossover pop trio hailing from Atlanta, GA.
During their high-energy concerts, the Beat Geeks’ number one goal is to get the crowd involved.
“We want you to feel like you are apart of this movement,” says Luke Galloway, the synthesizing specialist for Beat Geeks who grew up in small town in England.
The Beat Geek movement is certainly catching on as the trio recently opened for Ludacris at the University of Georgia Homecoming concert held at Legion Field.
The Ludacris opening slot was the Beat Geek’s biggest, most outrageous performance yet, and it was only their second performance as a group ever. Even in the rain, the audience was as pumped-up as the Beat Geeks were.
“Everyone was jumping in the rain. What more could you ask for than 4,000 people rocking out with your songs?” says Drake.
“It still blows us away,” says Karissa Smith (a.k.a. K Poindexter), who brings her fad feminine class and stunning vocals to the Beat Geeks trio. Smith says the band still watches the YouTube video, a reminder that opening for Ludacris wasn’t just a dream. “UGA is where the party’s at, apparently,” Smith says.
In case you missed their killer performance here in Athens, the band is luckily based only an hour away in Atlanta, making future Athens appearances and performances very promising.
The band is yet to be signed, but their danceable beats and funky-fresh style are getting enormous attention. Their sound is best described as “crossover pop” because their influences range from alternative rock to hip-hop to techno.
After growing up in England, Galloway spent most of high school and college playing in alternative rock bands. He started experimenting with electronic music right before meeting Drake and Smith, who were producing and recording hip-hop and R&B music together at Valdosta State University. Drake had been working on producing electronic pop beats but knew no one else at the time with similar intentions and interests.
“I’ve always loved electronic,” says Drake, “but I just didn’t have someone to work on it seriously with.”
The Beat Geeks’ genre breaking sound is a result of their converging and diverging influences. Drake says he’s a huge Prince fan, while Karissa says three words, “Michael, Michael, Michael.” And across the pond, Galloway was listening to Muse and Radiohead until the beats of electronic front-runners Tiesto, Deadmau5 and Daftpunk changed his world.
Drake says the day when Galloway joined him and Smith to complete the Beat Geeks, the stars must have been aligned. The evidence: Eiffel 65’s hit album “Europop” was both Drake and Galloway’s first album they ever owned.
Although chance brought them together, the Beat Geeks know their success is in their own hands. The band admits to spending an extraordinary amount of time and effort preparing for shows, rehearsing right up until the show starts.
“There is an attention to detail I feel we all have in this group, whether recording in the studio or performing live. Even though we have lots of improv, crazy moments on stage, we always want to make sure we know what were doing at all times.”
The band believes the more prepared they are, the more comfortable they feel on stage, allowing them to really get into their Beat Geek character.
The Beat Geek characters wouldn’t be complete, of course, without their radically animated looks. The band promises not only banging beats at their performances but eye-catching costumes, props and/or accessories to keep you entertained musically and visually.
Each member of the Beat Geeks mixes their individual styles like they do their music, breaking the molds to come up with their own combination of unique flavors.
Smith tends to rock a glove, a tribute to her favorite musician, Michael Jackson. “I try to wear a different glove every performance,” Smith says.
Galloway is known for his colorfully loud pants and wacky, neon patterned tank tops.
Whether he’s sporting two different colored kicks or his Mad Hatter hat, Drake’s duds will always keep you guessing, but he always rocks his Casio calculator wristwatch.
Although Smith says she loves Vera Wang and Galloway says his playground is any American Apparel or Urban Outfitters store, all three of them believe you can find something that suits you anywhere.  The trio has fun shopping at thrift stores, Wal-Mart and even Party City as Galloway keeps his eye out for tour t-shirts, Drake for comic book t-shirts and Smith for go-go boots.
“It’s all about putting it together – that’s when the real creative party comes in,” Galloway says.
Right now, though, the Beat Geeks are channeling all of their mixing creativity to finish producing sparkling new jams that they promise will be epically Geekin’.
“We’re wrapping up a project that is, overall, going to be really impressive,” Drake says. “There are a lot of different sounds, and we’re really pushing the envelope for ourselves.”
Expect to see and hear a lot more from the Beat Geeks as they are also in the final stages of mapping out a possible music video shoot here in Athens.

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