16-Year-Old Producer Ship Wrek is One of Our Artists to Watch 
Based in Richmond, Virginia, Collin Maguire aka Ship Wrek, may be one of the younger producers in the game, but he has the drive and passion to hang with the best of them. Collin began producing music at the ripe age of 11.
"I have parents who do genuinely love me and I've always had a good life from an outside prospective, but it's been a long bumpy ride for me."
Drawn to the technical side of production, Collin found making electronic music to be the most rewarding hobby to actually make good use of his ADHD. Unlike when he directed his time and energy towards gaming, music gave him a purpose.
"I always thought something was wrong with me because I am so obsessive over certain things... music was a good way to actually feel like I was accomplishing something."
Raised in a family that was not musically or artistically inclined, Collin didn't even realize he had a creative side. It wasn't until after a few years of producing when he picked up piano and began diving into classical music that he began to find himself creatively.
"I sunk my teeth in the technical end, and then started to actually find my creative side... Until you really know what you're doing, your creative side doesn't come out as much. You have to have good mix-downs, good kicks, good drums. You have to have everything put together, until your final product sounds half-way decent."
In high school, Collin struggled with drugs and severed relations with his parents, as he bounced between his mom's house and his dad's. He was eventually forced to confront these issue when he was expelled from school. It was music that not only kept him from going down a destructive path but helped to eventually repair his relationship with his parents.
"When the worst time of my life came, that's when my music started to doing the best it had."
Collin sent a remix of "Emotional" to Flux Pavilion, and within just 24 hours, Flux listened to it, liked it and told Collin he wanted to put it on his EP.
It was during this time, too, that Collin experienced a mental shift that has forever changed the way he approaches his productions.
"Over time, I learned that I wanted to make music to make music, instead of being so worried about the numbers and so worried about everything online or in the industry, I'm just more worried about the music instead... I like to make people feel certain ways through my music, instead of just making a banger. I want it to start in one place and end in another and and make people feel different because of it."
Once Collin was contacted by one of his favorite producers of all time, Just a Gent, it started to really hit him that this was more than a hobby and he was doing exactly what he was supposed to be doing.
"Just to know that someone I've been inspired by I've gotten to the point where they want to collaborate with me... it's just absolutely mind-blowing."
On June 8, 2016, Collin released his first EP Stranded via Trap Nation and Trap City. While many of the songs only took a day or two to conceptualize, the project as a whole took nearly 8 months to complete. An essential part of this process was turning to his producer friends who he deems to be the toughest critics.
"When I get bad feedback, I love it. It pushes me and it grounds me... I have some producer friends that never like anything, so when they do like something - I know it’s good. I love sending to them instead of the people who just… butter me up and tell me what I want to hear… I don’t like that. I like sending to the people who are harsh… I love that because it makes me work harder."
Collin played his first show as Ship Wrek this past June and just signed with Spin Artist Agency, alongside talents like Luca Lush and Sam Gellaitry. He'll set out on his first official tour June 2017.
"I don’t want to take touring for granted. Doing shows in front of people is because I earned it. I have thousands and thousands of hours in the studio making music and the reason on tour is because i make music, not because I’m a DJ… I really don't want to lose sight of what’s important. and what’s important to me is evolving my sound and getting better at music." 
We recommend keeping an eye on this young producer because we're expecting only big things.
"[Creating] is not something I want to do anymore, its something I have to do. I couldn’t imagine waking up in the morning and not making something… I’m just dependent on creating and learning."
Check out Ship Wrek's latest single "Pain (feat. Mia Vaile)," which arrived today on NCS. 

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