Prepare for an explosion of life, love and music!
You’ve traveled from near and far. You’ve settled into your new home for the next three days, and you’ve already made new friends. Today is the day you’ve all been waiting for. The gates are now opened and the volcano stage is about to erupt into a spectacular show of fire, lights and music. “The Arising of Life” begins. May this mantra inspire you to put troubles aside and let the magical TomorrowWorld whisk you away to a place of pure bliss. Yesterday, Dreamville campers set the tone for the weekend as they arrived bursting with smiles and excitement and danced the first night away at The Gathering. But now, it is time for all of you beautiful people of TomorrowWorld to come together for the first full day of festivities. Take in the magical surroundings, open your eyes and your hearts and prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure. Your only mission this weekend is to revel in the beauty of this phenomenal celebration of life!
People of Tomorrow, the Best Has Yet to Come! 
You are waking up stronger, wiser and with a song in your heart. Your muscles may be heavy and sore, but your soul is still soaring. You have danced, explored and discovered, and you have tasted true happiness and wonder, but the apogee of your story has yet to be written. The Chattahoochee Hills are buzzing with a new energy in anticipation of the pinnacle of this epic expedition. Tap into the infinite collective energy of this mystical world, it’s time to take on the final day and make this chapter the most memorable yet. The sacred spirit and keeper of the Key to Happiness has high hopes for you. You’ve been blessed with the tools to push the doorway of your dreams wide open and immerse yourself in the beauty you find. Once you leave these anointed grounds, you will be introducing the rest of the world to a new era, a higher thinking and a deeper love for music, people and Mother Nature’s grand design. But before you go, you must realize your full potential as the People of Tomorrow. Aim for connection, creation and transcendence, and you will write a story for yourself and this chapter of TomorrowWorld that will forever go down in history. The world will never be the same.
The Wait is Over!
The first official day of TomorrowWorld is upon us. You, the beautiful People of Tomorrow, have come from near and far to discover the Key to Happiness, a brand new chapter in this fairytale world. Last night, The Gathering pre-party set the vibes and warmed up the gorgeous grounds of the Chattahoochee Hills, but now it’s time to bust this epic adventure wide open. The time is now. Leave your worries, your judgements and your ego behind. They are not needed here. A mystical land exploding with colors, smiles and blissful energy awaits you. Let the music guide you. Explore, wander and open your eyes and your heart to this mystical world. As you venture through the grounds, remember that everyone around you is here for the same reason, and each and every one of you is integral to this magical, musical union. Greet them the same way you would your family and friends - with lots of smiles, high fives and hugs. Let’s fill this place with love. Let’s show the world what the People of Tomorrow are all about. Your journey to the world of Tomorrow is over, but now, the real journey begins. The stages are ready. The artists can barely contain themselves. Now go. Write your story. Make Friends. Make memories. Make history. This is your chance to experience pure happiness.
Welcome Home! Happiness Awaits You!
You, the People of Tomorrow, have traveled from near and far to these magical festival grounds, back to where you belong. The time has come to unlock the true potential of your power and wisdom. During the next few days, you will be guided by the grand machine created from the inventor’s vision, the machine that holds the secrets of the universe. Mother Nature, the true guardian of the key, has bestowed on you the opportunity to be reborn, to transcend time and space and to create everlasting memories that will leave this world a more euphoric place. A wondrous journey of adventures, sights and sounds beyond your imagination awaits.

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